Job Fair

The Job Fair is an event organized by the MBA Alliance in the US, in which selected companies are invited to participate and conduct their recruiting process for summer internship and full-time positions. The Job Fair is focused on connecting Brazilian and global companies with Brazilian and Latin American MBA candidates willing to work worldwide.

Value Proposition for Companies

With our job fair, companies have a unique chance to:

  • Get in contacts with a significant number of highly qualified pool of Brazilian MBA students /professionals from the top 20 US MBA schools in one single event
  • Enhance brand exposure: the job fair usually attracts 4-5x more students than a single company event
  • Reduce recruiting costs by sharing the fair structure instead of organizing a stand alone events abroad in several cities and performing interviews in the fair
  • Optimize recruiting process: MBA Alliance will provide companies a database of candidates interested in the company’s sector for interview selection
  • For medium companies or companies from non traditional sectors: opportunity to participate of a structured recruiting event, close to the target public

Value Proposition for Students

With our job fair, students have a unique chance to:

  • Optimize their recruiting process, by participating go over 10 information sessions in a single weekend
  • Reduce recruiting costs, by performing one trip to the host city in one weekend instead of multiple trips to NY, Chicago or Boston to attend multiple events
  • Accelerate their summer internship recruiting process, by networking with companies and even performing interviews in October (vs. January)
  • Opportunity to explore opportunities in companies that may not be a part of the traditional MBA recruiters pool from the school
  • Opportunity to explore opportunities and get to know companies from non traditional sectors (i.e. Start-Ups, Non-profits) that use specific or niche hiring processes

If you want to learn more about the Job Fair, click here to see what happened during the Job Fair 2016.

Pre-MBA Info Sessions

The Pre-MBA Info Sessions are events promoted to connect recently admitted MBA students and companies in Brazil. Between April and July, each company organize their own event, usually at their offices., while the MBA Alliance will act on the promotion of these events, guaranteeing that the info session will be advertised across all top MBA schools. The focus of these events are the recently admitted students, who are still in Brazil and are probably unaware of most companies' MBA recruiting programs.

In these events, companies share their culture, and MBA recruitment process and programs. It is the opportunity to share why you think your company should be considered by the MBAs. 

Why should your company organize a Pre-MBA Info Session? 

Because it is a great way to connect with the future MBAs! When the students get at school, they usually receive a lot of information about different companies and recruitment processes. Talking to them, even before they leave to their MBA Schools, give you a head start compared to other companies. They will remember you! The other option is trying to contact them while they are at school, while they are being contacted by 20 other recruiters, which may not be that effective. Besides, choosing the first option, does not mean you can not contact them later. If you need any advice or just want to talk about the Info Sessions, feel free to contact us.

Other Services

The MBA Alliance can help you in a variety of ways. If you need any help, do not hesitate in contacting us. Past services that we offered, include promotion of webinars between companies and alumni, and of job opportunities for the students and/or alumni.